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First GIM of Fall 2013!!!

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Hi mina-san~

Hope your summer vacations are going well. School starts in less than a month! Hope you all are looking forward to this year's events because the e-board has been busy planning everything over the summer.

To start off the semester, JSA would like to invite you to our first general info meeting (GIM) of this fall semester!

Date: Friday, August 30th

Location: KNOX 20

Time: 7-9pm

Come meet this year's e-board members, make new friends by playing games and enjoy free food!! Also, we will be making announcements regarding this semester's future events so you definitely don't want to miss this event!

For future reference, all of JSA events will be added to this site's calendar so that our members can double-check dates and times for our events. So check back later to find out what kind of events we have planned for this school year! ^_^



May 2011

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First off, congratulations to these candidates.

Here is your 2011-2012 JSA Eboards Officers. 

We kicked off the new semester with our first GIM. Many familiar faces attended the meeting along with new faces.

We had an awesome Spring Welcome Back Party at Southlake. We served Chirashi-sushi, Kakiage and Zenzai. We got a very good turn out with many members leaving with good comments on our cultural food that we served.

We were suppose to have Ice Skating Event with Singaporean SA and Korean SA however some issues lead us to plan B, which was BOWLING NITE! All club members had just as much fun. 

Our cultural event Setsubun Bean Throwing Festival allowed members to experience a bean throwing custom.

Afterwards we all got to eat a long maki roll.  

Japanese SA collaborated with Vietnamese SA on a special event called Cafasia. This event we brought together the best of the best desserts from Japan and Vietnam all home made. Members got to enjoy desserts while sitting back and relaxing to cafe music. 

Next up, we had a collaboration with Kappa Phi Lambda sisters on How to make Temaki Sushi. Members got to experience how to make their own hand-roll sushi. It was fun to make and delicious to eat.

Right after How to Make Temaki Sushi, we had our Karaoke Nite, where everybody sang their hearts out in a darkened room filled with comfortable chairs @SU210. Everyone sang along to their favorite songs. More than 30 people came out to show support and was excited to sing. 

JSA also participated in this year's International Fiesta. This year the theme was Geisha and Samurai. Through dance we follow a struggle between two different social ranks where they strive to be together. We explored the elegance of the Geisha with fan dancing and the swordsmanship from the Samurai. At the end we got 3rd place. Thank you to all Fiesta performancers, your effort and energy pulled off at this performance.

During our second GIM, we had an ice breaking game. It was a beat rhythm game. We had to keep up with the beat while calling others name out. Not only did we learn other people's name, we learned that inorder to win you must pay attention and keep up with the beat.

After the tsunami disaster in Japan, the Japanese community in Upstate New York came together with universities and colleges to fundraise for charity. Different clubs through different ways showed support. There were tablings at the mall, and at school. Many people showed their support by buying a red wristband and giving donations. 

October 2010

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Hello Everyone!

Thank you everyone for continuing to support us by attending our events!

 In our second General Info Meeting we talked about upcoming events in October. We also had May, our choreographer, talked alittle bit about our upcoming International Fiesta practices/auditions. We concluded the meeting with a game call TELEPHONE, "Dengon Game" in Japanese. Winning team got some good candies.

Japanese SA played against the Korean SA in the International SA Soccer Cup. Although we did not win, we had a great time cheering for our playing team. It was a good game.

There's nothing better than going apple picking in the nice breezy Autumn weather. Japanese SA and Vietnamese SA together had more than 20 attendees at their first roadtrip to Blackman Homestead Farm. Everyone brought home some delicous and juicy apples.

For a good cause Japanese SA and Circle K had a cultural event in the Flagroom, teaching others how to fold paper origami cranes. Our goal was to fold 1000 origami cranes and then have it donate to a nearby children hospital. 

Who doesn't want to take a break from those homework and studyings? Japanese SA, Taiwanese SA and Vietnamese SA had a Bowling Nite at the Tonawanda Bowling Center. More than 70 people showed up, got their shoes and bowled out their night with two free games.

October is Scary Movie Month. Japanese SA and Asian American SU collaborated on their first Movie Nite of the semester screening a Korean scary movie called "The Wig" Our members, frightened, were left with a deep thought on black wigs.


During our third General Info Meeting, we talked about upcoming events in the month of November. May touched upon alittle bit more about International Fiesta. We then showed the audience our very own JSA humor-horror movie filmed and created by us JSA officers.

Just in case you missed it, here it is.

and last but not least

September 2010

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Hello Everyone.

Wow September past by so fast didn't it?

Here's a recap of the events we had in September.

On our first general info meeting we talked about events we did in the past years. We also introduced ourselves to the Japanese and Non-Japanese students. It was great to see some new and old faces.

We had a Japanese Culture Meeting with the Japanese students and discussed about possible events they want to have in the near future from JSA.

Our members had a relaxing time at Collegiate Village, watching our premiered movie "Summer Wars".

Our annual Welcome Back BBQ was a huge success with over 150 attendancees. We served yakitori, onigiri, hamburgers, hotdogs, watermelon and brownies.

The skies cleared up just in time for our Otsukimi Dango Moon Watching event. We sold dangos and hot green tea for fundraising. Over 70 people came out to our event despite the cold chilly weather.

We collaborated with Vietnamese SA in our cultural Workshop "How to Use Chopsticks Properly" where we taught people how to hold the chopsticks correctly. We had a fun competition game afterwards to see who can pick the most things with their chopsticks. 1st place got a pair of chopsticks and a bowl. 2nd and 3rd place also got a pair of chopsticks.

Wow that's alot of events. Missed out on some of our events? No problem. We have more events installed for you guys in October and the rest of the fall semester. We are having our second GIM this Thursday September 30th in SU330. So make sure to stop by and get updated with our October events!

Welcome Back JSA

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Welcome back to another year of JSA. We hope everyone had a great summer and hope you guys are ready for a fun semester coming your way. This year is JSA's 15th year. We will be reflecting on the past years of JSA and continue to bring more exciting events to students at University at Buffalo.

International Orientation

Just in case whoever did not get our brochure. Here is our brochure that we gave out during the International Orientation.

General Info Meeting #1

Our first General Info Meeting will be on September 2nd at SU330. Come by and meet our JSA E-board officers. Come and make new friends and learn what our club is all about. There will be free pizza and soda for everyone!